Sunset over the City

Sunset over the City, originally uploaded by hidesax.

You can see Mt. Fuji and the skyscrapers in Shinjuku.

This shot was taken on December 18, 2011.



Complete silence - 完全黙秘

Complete silence - 完全黙秘, originally uploaded by hidesax.

Today is my second son's birthday. I was so busy (or lazy?) that I couldn't buy any presents for him. Therefore I went to the bookstore to buy some book after work tonight.

And I found it by accident. It was the first book that my photo was used for its cover. I bought it for my son, of cource.


Skyscrapers 2, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Skyscrapers 2, Shinjuku, Tokyo, originally uploaded by hidesax.

Last night I had come here without a tripod. Therefore, I came to this spot again with my tripod tonight.

94sec long exposure shot.