Matsuri no Junbi - 祭りの準備

Last Sunday, I went to Kawagoe to shoot Kawagoe Matsuri for the first time. It is located in the west of Ageo where I live.

Kawagoe is known as Ko-Edo, which means Little Edo (Edo is the old name of Tokyo during a peroid ruled by Tokugawa Shogun, 1603-1968).

"The Kurazukuri Street (蔵造りの町並み Kurazukuri no machinami) is a section of a street lined with traditional warehouses constructed in a style called kurazukuri (蔵造り) and maintains the old outlook of what the place was like during the Edo period." -- from Wikipedia.

Kawagoe Matsuri(Festival) is held for 2 days on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of October. I'd like to show you some (many?) pictures from the festival.

I recommend you to visit Kawagoe if you have a chance and if you are interested in old Japan as well.

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